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Buckley Sampson

Image Consultant for Actors

I am a working actor with over 25 years experience in Los Angeles. I’ve owned my own casting company, as well as worked at well known casting facilities both commercially and theatrically.

I saw many times that actors showed up to auditions not dressing for the part. I noticed that many didn’t know their casting or the image that they were conveying and selling. I saw that a distinct service was needed, one that would specifically benefit actors.

So I started my own image consulting business.

For over fifteen years I’ve worked mostly through referrals from agents, managers, photographers and other actors. I’ve been a guest in podcasts, acting schools, and universities. Now that my business has grown, I have my website and Instagram gallery on which to present my specialized services and display my work.

I love helping actors reach their potential and I always want to leave a client empowered by our working together. I also work with non-actor professionals on how they want to be perceived in their workplace.

I’ve done Red Carpet events for clients, but I always say I’m more of a working-class stylist—striving to improve the image of my clients and inspiring them while also not breaking the bank.

I manage my day with clients while still auditioning and working regularly as an actress. And I hope that every client of mine has my voice in their head; “Would Buckley approve of my outfit?”

You will have my full attention. You will be my focus. You will be empowered.

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Listen to this interview

Buckley speaks with Audrey Moore, host of the Audrey Helps Actors Podcast about how to brand yourself toward booking more roles!

Buckley featured in VoyageLA

Buckley speaks with on life as an Actor’s Image Consultant in Los Angeles.

“I’ve been a working actor for over 25 years in Los Angeles. For two years, I also owned my own casting company as well as worked at well known casting facilities both commercially and theatrically. I saw that many actors showed up to auditions not dressing for the part. I saw that many didn’t know their casting or the image that they were conveying and selling. I saw a need that would benefit actors, so I started my image consulting business…”

Buckley at work

Emma Mercier

Image Consultant Associate

Emma Mercier

Image Consultant Associate

Emma is a Los Angeles-based actor and associate stylist at Image by Buckley.

Back in 2018, Emma began working as a stylist for Stitch Fix, where she honed her expertise and learned to cultivate a personalized experience for a wide variety of clients. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Emma took the skills she had learned and opened her own styling company, “The Gift of the Thrift,” which focused on affordable, inclusive styling using curated secondhand pieces. Then, when Emma and Buckley met in late 2020, it was kismet. They quickly realized that they shared the same aesthetic and passion for styling and Emma joined the Image by Buckley team as an assistant stylist in February 2021. After training carefully under Buckley’s guidance and learning the in’s and out’s of the company, Emma quickly began taking on clients of her own under the company’s umbrella. Today, she has styled and assisted on over 100 clients and is proud to officially call herself an associate stylist. With every client, Emma brings a youthful and contemporary perspective, laser-focus, and a whole lot of heart.


More kind and gracious words

“True serendipity! I found Buckley through Audrey Moore’s “Audrey Helps Actors” podcast. The very next day after I listened to her episode, we auditioned together for a McDonald’s spot- which she booked! I figured, this woman knows what she’s doing so I hired her to do my upcoming headshot styling. She was so detailed going over my current materials, past headshots, what worked, what didn’t worked, what we could tweak, what character types I needed to make more specific. She also suggested a great photographer who would pull the best out of me, really making each type laser-focused and different from the next. She spent time going through my closet, pulling out great audition outfits and telling me what I needed to get rid of. She really helped me understand that I was still dressing like I was in my twenties and needed to own coming into my thirties, embracing a more sophisticated look to help me strengthen my booking power. She took me shopping and picked out designer pieces that I never would have seen without her trained eyes. I got tons of great pieces not only for my headshots but for auditions as well. I was truly on a high for at least a week after our meeting. She really opened my eyes and gave me hope that I can still be the booking force I want to be. I could not be happier with my time spent with Buckley. I can’t wait to book a million jobs with these awesome new headshots!! It’s the best investment I’ve made in my career, worth every penny. She saved my life!!”

Dana W.

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