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Photo Credit: Damian Fabio Sandolo

Photo Credit: Damian Fabio Sandolo

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“When I initially started working with Buckley, I was feeling pretty down about my career. I wasn’t getting many opportunities and the few I did get I felt like I just couldn’t get any traction. With her immense knowledge of the business, Buckley helped me pinpoint my best casting and how to make sure that I did everything I could to fit it. She put in countless hours of work – brainstorming looks for me that were nuanced, specific and spot on. Her passion gave me a renewed excitement for my career and the tools to feel like the executive producer of my own brand. I have now taken the best, most specific headshots of my career and can’t wait to see what happens next. I have absolutely no doubt that I will look back and know that working with Buckley was a very important turning point in my career. Thank you, Buckley!!”

Julia L.

“No actor should ever take another headshot without consulting Buckley first. I’ve saved thousands of dollars in re-shoots by getting the exact looks I needed because i met with Buckley first. And, any time I need my own wardrobe for a shoot I know I have clothes that are on-brand. When I was on ABC’s Nashville they even had me wear a shirt that Buckley picked out.”

Ben W.

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